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Why Market Genie?
Market Genie provides you real-time trends and benchmarks of the automotive marketplace that do not exist anywhere else.
Market Genie fits seamlessly with other tools, giving you unparalleled insight into what is happening both in your backyard and across the country.
How does Market Genie work?
On a daily basis Market Genie captures a few data points from you. With that real-time data, Market Genie’s tools give you precise trends and benchmarks around local, regional, or national market activity.
In addition, Market Genie is able to identify shop-specific trends and benchmarks, giving you the ability to run shops more efficiently and increase revenues.
Market Genie does this safely and securely, anonymizing data and emphasizing privacy and security for every user on the platform.
What is Market Genie?
Data analytics
Market Genie is a simple, yet powerful community based platform designed to help you understand detailed benchmarks and trends.
In real-time
Market Genie’s analytics are creatively simplified and summarized, allowing shop owners to understand, in real-time, market insights in order to improve operations, make better business decisions, and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.
The development of Market Genie
Transforming the business
In 1993, Parham Parastaran became president and owner of Nona, Inc., which was a 1 shop muffler and brake franchise. Parham slowly grew his business from 1 shop to a 17 shop operation over a 23-year period. While building his operation, Parham would always want to know, in real time, how the local and regional markets around his shops were doing.
After talking with hundreds of shop owners across the country who felt the same way, Parham knew something had to be done to give all shop owners insight into the marketplace. Parham’s idea of capturing market benchmarks and trends led to his passion for developing a data platform accessible for all shop owners, Market Genie was born.
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